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(Real Customer Testimonials from Genbook.com)

Excellent Experience
"Elana is very professional and considerate. I am very satisfied and will definitely recommend her to my friends and colleagues." -- J.
You are the best Elana
"Elana is a very professional, dedicated and pleasant therapist. She is very patient to listen to her paients' problems and uses her excellent knowledge and skills to help us with various discomfort and pain. Thanks a lot Elana! You're the best!! " -- H. W.
Worth every penny
"I have found Elana to be a dedicated professional and passionate about helping me with various ailments causing discomfort and pain. She provides excellent feed back during the sessions as well as simple and practical tips on what I can do for my self to promote healing." -- S.B.
Feeling Good
"Elana is always professional and courteous during each session. She targets to root of the pain and also gives advice on how to improve your physical health. I've told my friends and co-workers about Elana and would recommend her services to anyone who needs a great R.M.T." -- A. C.
Good Job!
"The massage therapy I have at Natural & Organic Healing Clinic is very helpful. The therapy is very good and relaxing. Elana is very skillful and professional. After each session, I come out feeling excellent and whatever is bothering me, she tries to work on. What I like the most is that every time I come in for my appointment, she asks how I feel and what areas it would be best to improve. The atmosphere is very peaceful and the staff easy-going." -- M. K.
Excellent and professional service
"I came to Natural & Organic Healing Clinic few month ago with back pain. Now I am different person Elana Wu, RMT, did miracle, I rid off the pain that I had in my back 10 years. Elana is professional, she really knows how to read your body and help you. Now all my family are patients of Elana and day of appointment with her is our favorite day of the week. I highly recommend this clinic, pleasant atmosphere and great service." -- L. K.
“I have tried many different massage therapist, and Elena certainly is one of the best I've come across. She has passion for healing people, compared to most of the people I've encountered. I'm glad I found her.” -- M. A.