Therapeutic Massage

Clinical & Medical Massage

Accelerate healing with a therapeutic massage

Treat body pain - from minor to major, from rare to common - see 56+ conditions we treat with therapeutic massage

Most common pains are back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle.

Treat very old & new injuries

Prevent injuries, reduce stress, sleep better and feel better.

Manage & treat chronic conditions

Keep clothes on or off during your therapeutic massage

Offered by every RMT

We know how chronic pain lowers quality of life, the RMT Richmond BC by Clinic Therapy founders suffered from severe chronic back and knee pains themselves. A lot of those pains could have been treated with a therapeutic massage.

Please note that availability displayed online is all of the availability that we have for therapeutic massage,  however if you put yourself on a wait list, there is a good chance you might have a session much sooner.

We understand that patients in pain hope for an appointment to be available immediately, but availability of some therapists is limited.