Clinical & Medical Massage

Clinical & Medical Massage

Accelerate healing with a clinical massage

Treat any body pain, from minor to major, from rare to common - see 56+ conditions we treat with clinical and medical massage

Most common pains are back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle.

Treat very old & new injuries

Prevent injuries, relieve stress, sleep better and feel better.

Manage & treat chronic conditions (Elana Wu’s specialty)

Keep clothes on or off during your medical massage

Offered by every RMT (Elana Wu’s specialty)

We know how chronic pain lowers quality of life, the RMT Richmond BC by Clinic Therapy founders suffered from severe chronic back and knee pains themselves. A lot of those pains could have been prevented with a clinical massage and both of them successfully used medical massages to improve their conditions.

If you have a condition that is so bad that none of the therapists you tried really made a difference, try Elana Wu. She has travelled to the USA many times to learn from some of the best physiotherapists and she particularly specializes in the most difficult cases, her treatment methods are quite unique. 

Please note that to make herself more available to new clients in need of a clinical massage suffering from chronic pain that can’t wait, Elana Wu at RMT Richmond (Clinic Therapy) charges a higher price (even with a higher than standard price she was once fully booked 3 months ahead). We try to have available spots within a month’s time and Elana’s medical massage price is adjusted accordingly to that (increased when fully booked 6 - 8 weeks ahead and decreased if booked less than 2 weeks ahead). 

Usually Elana’s clinical massages are fully booked about a month ahead, but if you put yourself on a wait list, there is a good chance you might have a session much sooner.

If you are in severe need for immediate clinical massage, Elana Wu offers availability outside her normal hours so that you do not need to wait for weeks or even months, however, the rate is double (pre-payment would be required). Call to inquire.