- By Elana Wu (Formerly - Natural & Organic Healing Clinic)

Registered Massage Therapy Green Shield Canada Direct Billing, 

Empire Life Direct Billing, SSQ Insurance Direct Billing, Medic Construction Direct Billing & Coverage

Green Shield Canada  RMT Massage Direct Billing
Empire Life  RMT Massage Direct Billing
SSQ Insurance  RMT Massage Direct Billing
Medic Construction  RMT Massage Direct Billing

All of the claims from the insurance companies above are submitted through one platform and their coverage is similar. Green Shield Canada is generally very easy to work with while Empire Life, SSQ Insurance, Medic Construction require a little bit more work on our side. Usually if you have Green Shield Canada we don’t require a credit card on file, but with Empire Life, SSQ Insurance and Medic Construction credit card on file may be required in some cases.

How good is Green Shield, Empire Life, SSQ Insurance, Medic Construction massage coverage?

While coverage varies based on each individual plan, we see some plans that cover up to 100% of the treatment cost, some cover 80% and some cover less than that. Generally the coverage is good, but please check your policy as we are not able to check your coverage, we will only know how much the coverage is for the treatment when you arrive for your session and we will not know how much coverage you have remaining, that is the responsibility of yours. 

Please note that if your claim gets denied for any reason you will have to pay for the treatment in full and if the claim got approved, but it is not fully clear that the payment will be paid out, we will request to have a credit card on file. In most cases the claim goes through immediately and you only have to pay the remaining amount not covered by your insurance company such as Green Shield Canada, Empire Life or any other if you were not covered 100%. 

Please note that your plan may also have a yearly deductible, each plan is different, so we won’t know if that applies to your plan.

Do I need to do anything before my Green Shield, Empire Life, SSQ Insurance or Medic Construction massage?

Please have your insurance card with your member ID and policy number and please arrive early to fill out authorization for us to bill your insurance company on your behalf.

Do all of your Registered Massage Therapists at Clinic Therapy Richmond offer Green Shield, Empire Life, SSQ Insurance or Medic Construction massage direct billing?

As of 2021 October 4th all Registered Massage Therapists at EXCEPT for Elana Wu offer Green Shield, Empire Life, SSQ Insurance and Medic Construction massage direct billing. For the most up to date list please check our homepage or book your appointment here.

You may also email us with any questions at Please note we won’t know how much you are covered, please refer such questions to your insurance company.

Please read our comprehensive Direct Billing Massage post that goes into more details. Have a different insurance company?

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