- By Elana Wu (Formerly - Natural & Organic Healing Clinic)

Registered Massage Therapist & Internship Job Posting
(part time or full time) in Richmond BC

Clinic Therapy Richmond BC is hiring full-time and part-time RMTs, as well as student interns. 

***Up to 85% splits on day one. $6000 on signing day (bonus* or advance) for RMTs and student interns. (North Richmond)

Competitive splits, Full Service Reception can be Provided; Free EASY parking; 4.9/5 from 120 reviews; Soundproof rooms, Linens provided; Good ventilation, Young team; Staff room; Experienced management, NEWLY renovated.

Contact Matt at, text or call (SMS or WhatsApp) to learn more*** 

Feel free to choose exactly what you need so that you can concentrate on providing excellent services 🙂

Why should you select us?

RMTs: Over time, your split can gradually rise.
Student interns (who have not yet been licensed): $31.50 - $45 per hour (all of our female interns have been fully booked in the past (unless there were cancellations), we have over 100 prepaid appointments, you will most likely be fully booked on day 1)
RMTs - your schedule will be booked full quickly! We have a marketing professional on staff with over 12 years of expertise. We also direct bill to most companies (20+ at the moment). We've been in business for over a decade and have a loyal clientele of over 2600 people.
Free parking is easy to come by. A bus stop is right in front of our plaza (Pacific Plaza), and the sky train is a 5- to 8-minute walk away.
With our full-service booking, you won't have to answer the phone or respond to emails, allowing you to focus solely on treatments. Alternatively, for a more significant split, you might work without reception.
You have complete control over your schedule; you can work as much or as little as you choose. There are no limitations, you have complete freedom. At any time, you can close any days that are already open. If clients are already scheduled for that day only a seven-day notice is required to block a day.
You decide how long your breaks will be, including the breaks in between each client.
Dedicated staff room – when on breaks, you can either stay in your treatment room or visit our staff room, where you can also perform charting. Two food courts can also be found within a one-minute walk.
Feel good about your clinic's stellar reputation, which has received a 4.9/5.0 rating from more than 120 Google reviews. makes charting simple. From the convenience of your phone or laptop, you can view your schedule in advance from anywhere.
Full control over your pricing - as you acquire experience, get reviews, learn more, improve your skills and grow your clientele, you'll have the ability to raise or lower your price as you see fit. You are not obligated to use the clinic's average rate. You can also ask our marketing specialist to alter your pricing based on what he feels is optimal.
Tell us what type of clientele you want, and our marketing expert will work to increase the number of your preferred clients, for example athletes, treatments more focused on relaxation or treating difficult conditions, pre-natal & post-natal or a little bit of everything.
Team members at RMT Richmond BC are young and very easy to get along with; everyone is kind and pleasant to work with and it really shows. If you have a kind, warm nature, you will fit right in!
Experienced leadership. There are two co-owners (husband & wife) which makes it easy to address issues very quickly, you won’t be frustrated waiting for a response for a long time, everything is handled quickly.

We will also regularly ask for your feedback and make changes. Here are some examples: a bluetooth speaker was ok, but it could be better? We upgraded to a $250 speaker. Lotion: we tried a lot of different brands before we found one that we really liked. We changed to touchless soap dispensers (we tried 4 different models - some of them were really terrible, the ones we have now are great). Soap: we tested multiple  different brands before settling on one that works well that is very moisturizing and doesn’t leave your hands dry. Squeaky noise coming from the massage table: the next day we took care of it

Rooms were not really soundproof, so when we renovated we spent additional $20,000 to make each room much more soundproof. If you have any issues with anything, simply let management know and it will be taken care of, we are very accommodating 🙂
Each treatment room has its own thermostat, giving you complete control over the temperature. Within a few minutes, the temperature will change.
Everything is new and the clinic feels cosy - we finished our renovation in 2021.
Soundproof rooms - we just completed a renovation and spent tens of thousands of dollars on soundproofing alone, the difference is huge.
Play your own music - it only takes a few seconds to switch to whatever song you choose.
There is no stuffiness in the rooms. We have a fresh air intake system that extracts fresh air from outside directly into each room and space of the clinic, the air feels fresh with no stuffiness, and will maintain the temperature you specify.
Trigger point charts (currently waiting for new charts for some rooms, they are back-ordered).
Quality lotion is provided 
The clinic is properly cleaned once a day and more if needed.
There are two restrooms, so you'll never have to wait in line
There are six therapy rooms as well as a staff room
You'll never feel weird walking in the corridor because the hallways are quite large and inviting!
If you arrive very early on your workday and reception is not yet there, don't worry; you will have your key to come inside.

To inquire about this position, email  Matt at, text or call (SMS or WhatsApp - same number):

*Conditions apply

Pictures of The Rooms & Clinic

While each room looks a little bit different and varies in size, they are all similar

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

This is the view from inside the parking lot

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

Reception area - our receptionists are very friendly. If you arrive early and don’t see a receptionist, allow a few minutes for the receptionist to finish taking care of routine chores. You can pay before your session or after.

RMT Richmond BC

There is plenty of waiting room inside. We also try to schedule appointment start times so that we don’t have more than 2-3 people starting their appointments at the same time.

Comfortable wide hallways (no awkward “whoops” moments). Even when there are multiple people walking in the hallway, it still feels comfortable and easy to walk

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

This is the view from the street

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

Good ventilation - sophisticated HRV fresh air supply system provides fresh air from outside at the temperature of the inside air. It also pumps out stuffy air from inside. 

AC - we have two AC units. Each unit blows air to 3 treatment rooms (3 rooms in the back and 3 rooms in the front). The AC unit temperature can be adjusted immediately, but it will affect 3 rooms at a time. Individual rooms can also be adjusted, but changes must be done manually by the RMT Richmond clinic manager as the vents need to be manually adjusted using a ladder.

Rooms have individual temperature settings for heating - each room can change its heat. 

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

Hallways are wide and easy to navigate, you won't have awkward moments. We have many sinks with touchless faucets and soap dispensers and there's never a line for therapists.

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC

$4000 water filter for clean drinking water. 

RMT Richmond BC

We do laundry inside the clinic. Washers cannot be heard from inside the treatment rooms and only a little bit in the hallway, so it never disturbs any treatments.

RMT Richmond BC

Here at RMT Richmond BC we have two washrooms and there is almost never a waiting line. One washroom is quite big (it’s wheelchair accessible) and the other one is smaller, but still comfortable. All of our sinks are equipped with touchless soap dispensers, touchless sink faucets and single use paper towels to maximize hygiene. 

RMT Richmond BC
RMT Richmond BC