- By Elana Wu (Formerly - Natural & Organic Healing Clinic)

Registered Massage Therapy benefits & treatment explained 

All of the pains, conditions, muscle pulls, muscle tears, strains and discomfort that can be treated with registered massage therapy经核准之按摩治疗 

The list below is everything that we treat here with registered massage therapy at Clinic Therapy in (North) Richmond BC. We also do full body relaxation massages (feet massage can be included as part of that).

Our massages can be booked online here between 30 - 90 minutes in length.

Most common pains that we treat are back, neck, shoulder, leg, hip, ankle, knee pains and many others. We also work on relieving pre or post-natal discomfort & help with stress management as well as injury prevention. We also work with patients recovering from a motor vehicle accident.

Below is a complete list of all pains and conditions we treat.