Sports RMT Massage 

Clinical & Medical Massage

Possibly extend your sports career through improved recovery & injury prevention

Improve performance by speeding up recovery & preventing injury

Reduce swelling and pains

Improve flexibility with a Sports RMT Massage

Recover from injuries faster

Get sick less by promoting your natural immune system function

Offered by every massage therapist

One of the Clinic Therapy founders was involved in intense sports.

He suffered from a major permanent knee injury after which he had to say goodbye to all sports. This was such a big moment for him that it was one of the inspirations to co-found  RMT Richmond BC (Clinic Therapy), because he later learned that in his specific case it was possible to prevent it with various treatments, one of them being a sports massage.

If you exercise regularly, it is recommended to get a regular sports RMT massage from a licensed professional where your RMT will determine the best treatment to maximize your performance and longevity as well as injury prevention.