Pre & Post-Natal RMT Massage 

Pre & Post-Natal RMT Massage

An escape from stress into relaxation

Treat your back, neck and shoulder tension with prenatal RMT massage

Treat stress from abdominal muscles

Treat body pain with postnatal RMT massage

Extra pillows used achieve comfort when lying down on your back or on the side

Some therapists can lift the top third part of the table allowing for a semi seated / lying position (email or call to check who can do that, it depends on the treatment table)

See which of our RMT practitioners offer this massage here

Elana Wu's room has extra different pillows / bolsters

After trying a prenatal RMT massage (or post natal), many of our clients keep coming back over and over again - it is after all an escape from all of the new stress into relaxation. 

A prenatal RMT massage may even go from something that feels like a treat to a “necessity”, many of our clients here at RMT Richmond BC by Clinic Therapy find themselves coming back weekly - sometimes even more often. Same goes for postnatal RMT massage.

If you have a regular prenatal RMT massage, we hope that you feel better, relaxed. Moms-to-be are some of our most regular clients.

We recommend prenatal massage to pregnant women and postnatal massage to new moms.

Please note we use regular massage tables and as many pillows as needed to achieve comfort for pre-natal clients. The kind of pillows may vary between each therapist.