Washing Process of the Sheets

Here at RMT Richmond BC by Clinic Therapy we take cleanliness of our sheets extremely seriously - there must NEVER be a compromise, the sheets are CLEAN and never reused. Each set of sheets is only used ONCE and then it is washed ALWAYS.

Please note that the industry standard is to only wash the thin sheets and not the thick blanket cover that goes on the massage table - here at RMT Richmond BC we NEVER use such blankets, we wash EVERY SINGLE SHEET ON THE MASSAGE TABLE and we disinfect the leather cover on which the massage table sheets are then put on. 

To keep clients and patients warm we use massage table warmers and in very rare cases if that is not enough we simply provide another clean top sheet. Each room also has its own individual temperature control for heating, so the temperature can be adjusted as needed.

We have been using the same ecological detergent for about a decade now - no one has reported any allergic reactions. 

Our washing process

All of the sheets are washed on a Heavy Duty long cycle setting inside the washers (which can’t be heard from inside any treatment room) and then dried in the dryer. All of this completely disinfects and cleans the sheets.