Deep Tissue RMT Massage

Deep Tissue RMT Massage

Reduce tension deep layers of the body

Treat chronic stress

Better sleep & workouts

Treat pain with Deep Tissue RMT Massage

Provided by every Registered Massage Therapist, except Yu Ting Judy Hu (each therapist’s strength is different, for extra strong treatment call to check)

Deep tissue RMT massage here at RMT Richmond BC by Clinic Therapy is our many clients’ favorite type. Expect to be sore after the treatment - it has some similar effects as exercise and it is highly recommended to those that do not like exercising. 

Many of our deep tissue massage clients come back as often as weekly and make it part of their weekly routine.

If you are particularly stressed, a regular deep tissue RMT massage would be highly recommended. We encourage to try it at least once to see how you like it, perhaps you will later find yourself wondering how come you hadn’t tried it sooner. 


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